2013 Varieties, Preliminary

With the first two waves of seeds planted already, I’m well behind in updating lists and ordering information.  Pending crop failure, here are the tomato plant varieties that are confirmed for availability this spring.  If you’re looking for something which is not on this list, now is the time to ask for it.


Pepper will be listed in a forthcoming post.

3 thoughts on “2013 Varieties, Preliminary”

  1. Fantastic! Looking forward to picking up some onions at the Hub. I’m looking for Taxi, pineapple ground cherry, and Mr. Stripey…any plans to grow those? Taxi makes lovely golden salsa, and Mr. Stripey gave us beautiful green sauce. What would you say the difference is between Mr. Stripey and the Green Giant you intend to grow? , other than bi-color? Thanks!

    1. I don’t have Taxi on the grow list this year, though I do have Azoychka, which is similar, and various other yellows.

      There is more than one variety known as Mr. Stripey, but neither of those that I’m familiar with are green when ripe. One of them can have a little green on it, but is not the same as a green when ripe which is green all the way through. Green Giant is one of the fuller flavored green types, sweet and meaty, with that hint of spiciness typical of greens.
      Mr. Stripey
      Green Giant

  2. Hi Paul,
    I am chairing the Veggie Garden in the Master Gardeners Demo Garden again this year and was wondering if you could donate some tomato $/or pepper plants again this year?
    Have you tried any grafting? We had some in the demo garden last year and they out performed their brothers by 2:1. If you have some interest in doing some, I can send you the training video and show/tell you how we did it.


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